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Temecula Royal Crown Catering is a family company that began operations since 2008 in the City of Temecula, California, a city that is home to the Pechanga (resort and casino) a Native American casino. Our specialty is providing catering services which includes:

  • weddings
  • ‘Quinceañeras’
  • Special Events.

Over time we’ve gained the reputation of providing quality service at low cost, positioning our company at a high level of competition that gives us the ability to handle any type catering, social, business or government events.

Our values:
• Quality and service
• Health and safety
• Commitment and competence

Our Policies:
Royal Crown Catering in Temecula, we are committed to providing a service to meet the needs of our customers with kindness, agility and variety, which is why we are committed to:

  • Provide safe food handling our products with good cleaning habits as the health of our customers is very important to us.
  • Educate our staff and develop their skills to provide an excellent service.
  • Continuously improve our process to provide an excellent service and thereby exceed the expectations of our customers.

Strengthen the organization in order to achieve advantages over our competitors.

Our mission:
Temecula Royal Crown Catering, is a dynamic and productive organization, a leader in providing food services through a professional and efficient performance, framed by high levels of quality in the services offered. Catering will provide services appropriate to the needs and tastes of our customers, with the greatest responsibility towards society, and with the quality required by our customers in order to offer the best service in the market and maximize profitability.

Our vision:
Consolidate in the market as an organization certified food service quality through strict compliance with the rules applicable to such services. To be the preferred company for our customers and employees for which integrate a team of highly qualified, motivated, sense of belonging and aligned with the business vision relying on product quality and hygiene is critical to the business and the customer . Our efforts will lead us to be a strong organization concerning the provision of Catering, with the necessary human and professional qualities.

Included in Buffet
Two appetizers, two entrees, two sides, salad and Bread and Butter
China plates for Dinner
Silverware (Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife)

Included in the sit down dinner
Two appetizers, salad, two entrees, two sides, Bread and Butter
China plates for Dinner and salad
Silverware (Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, salad fork)

  1. Greek Brushetta
  2. Rumalci with pineapple water chestnuts and bacon
  3. Fruit kabobs with orange marmalade and yogurt dressing dip
  4. Grilled stuffed jalapenos
  5. Pear chutney brushetta with pecans and blue cheese
  6. Cheesy pigs in blankets
  7. Crostini with brie cheese and raspberry chipotle sauce
  8. Beef or Chicken skewers
  9. Cheese and fruit plate
  10. Meat bowls with chimichurry sauce
  11. Crostini with ricotta
  12. Classic bruschetta
  13. Portabella ravioli with marinara/cream sauce
  14. Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  15. Spring Egg Rolls
  16. Beef Sliders
  1. Organic Baby Greens candied pecans, gorgonzola cheese in Balsamic Vinaigrette
  2. Chipotle Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce, roasted parmesan cheese, chipotle ceasar dressing, garnished with tortilla strips
  3. Organic Baby Arugula Vidalia onions, Parmesan cheese, herb vinaigrette
  4. Mexican Salad Iceberg lettuce, roma tomatoes, onions, fresh cilantro tossed in lime vinaigrette finished with queso fresco
  5. Potato and Dijon mustard Salad
  6. Wine country cole slaw salad
  7. Watermelon salad with mint and lime dressing
  8. Italian Antipasto salad lightly tossed in white wine vinegar
  1. Fresh Rosemary Chicken Breast grilled in grape wood, drizzled with estate chardonnay sauce
  2. Parmesan Chicken breaded with Italian bread crumbs
  3. Santa Maria Pork Lion wood roasted with wild sage topped in shaved fennel, carmelized pears, drizzled with balsamic syrup
  4. Wine Country Tri-Tip marinated for 24 hrs in red wine and grilled in a Santa Maria BBQ, finished with cabernet demi glaze
  5. BBQ Chicken
  6. BBQ Tri-Tip
  7. Marsala Chicken
  8. Pollo a las Brisas chicken breast marinated in a Mexican achiote, orange juice with wine for 24 Hr and grilled over grape wood
  9. Carne Asada beef steak marinated in a citrus juice and fresh herbs
  10. Fiesta Fajitas
  11. Veracruz Filet  Grilled fish with splash of white wine, capers, fresh thyme and finished with lemon butter sauce
  12. Grilled Flank Steak w/soy chile glaze
  13. Top Sirlon a la Carbonera Beef with Rosemary
  14. Pork Noisettes in a mustard seed sauce
  1. Garlic Mash Potatoes
  2. Roasted seasonal vegetables
  3. Orzo with parmesan cheese and basil
  4. Baked potatoe
  5. Sweet and spicy sweet potatoes
  6. Oven Roasted Herb potatoes
  7. Oven Roasted Herb potatoes with garlic aioli sauce
  8. Grilled Seasonal Vegetables
  9. Grilled Seasonal Vegetables with balsamic reduction vinegar
  10. Scalloped Potatoes
  11. Corn on the Cob
  12. Mac and Cheese
  13. Rice Pilaf
  14. Baked Potatoes
  15. Potatoes a la cream
  16. Bake Beans
  17. Italian Risotto
  18. Shredded corn with Butter
  19. Your choice of any vegetable combination with white wine and butter
  1. Primavera Pasta
  2. Rustic Veggie Lasagna
  3. Rigatoni Pasta
  4. Your choice of any pasta with choice of Sauce Marinara, Pesto, Alfredo, Tomato Cream Sauce
  • Colored Napkins
  • Cake plates extra silverware
  • Wine glasses
  • Water Goblets and iced water to table (for dinner time only)
  • Coffee station
  • Iced Water and Tea Station


Special package for weddings or special event (buffett service style)

One buffet line for up to 100 guests:

  • 4 Hours of service, from the appetizers are served.
  • 4 People serving Buffet
  • 4 hours bartender service ($ 15 per extra hour)